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The session ended with everyone’s ships in Earth’s orbit and most of the crews on the surface of Pangea. The battle to take place there has yet to happen, and Mick is not aware that he is on Earth. So we’re gonna’ adapt.

This is going to be an overall synopsis. For more specific notes I will update the specific character wikis.

And remember, Don’t Tell Mick!

Here’s what went down!

Auvic was the first to arrive on the scene. His ship, Hibernity, docks near the Olympus’s security center.

Auvic employs a small army of nano-bots on his ship. They disguise Hibernity to match the Olympus’s hull.
Shady Robot

Auvic sends his robot minions to take control of the ship’s security.

Pew Pew!

That’s the robot I came up with on the fly. Four energy-gun arms and collapsible blades. Auvic hates organics, so I figured something that looks intimidating would be his style. The skulls are actually a decoy target; they don’t do anything but look menacing and soak up attacks.

Here is an example where I had to improvise for the player, in this case Charlie. In a case like this, please feel free to tell me whether you like it or not, or how you would prefer it to be. For example, Charlie could tell me, “Hey, those skulls are dumb, how about this…” and I can say, “Sweet, no problem!”

Something is in control of the Olympus, however, and Auvic has to battle his way through the automatic weapons that he can’t wrestle control of. He makes his way, slowly, to the bridge.

Next on the scene!

The S.S. Relentless , a scrapping vessel, stumbles upon the Olympus.

This crew is played by some friends in RI – our awesome group of play-testers. I’m not sure exactly how they’ll play into everything, yet. They may be joining us here, online.

They fly around the old capitol vessel and eye her up. One of their crew notices Auvic’s ship and recognizes the model.

“That’s an old prisoner-transport vessel, probably about a century old. Never seen one modified like that before, though.”

They pay it little mind and go about deciding how they’ll enter the Olympus.

Introducing the crew of the S.S. Relentless

From left to right:

Glinko: A reptile species with adaptive skin, Glinko wears no armor so that he may sneak around nearly invisible. He is the current pilot of the S.S. Relentless.

Onum Barr: The ship’s best tech, Onum Barr grew up alone on the streets of some dirty corrupt planet. He found work on the S.S. Relentless and finally left the streets behind. He is a squat, frog-like species, kind of like a horned toad.

Dr. Kroolim: An old Himuhn war-doctor, Kroolim had heard of the Relentess’s captain’s exploits as a soldier, and searched after him when he heard the man had gone privateer. He is a spring of knowledge and serves as the ship’s medic.

Captain Scuz Nasty: A human who’s beyond his golden years, Scuz Nasty is a veteran of many a star war. When he finished his last tour, he decided he’d had enough, and bought the S.S. Relentless. He’s acquired a talented crew and plans to make some serious cash scrapping the derelict ships scattered across the galaxy.

They decide to leave the S.S Relentless a bit away and take their shuttle to a row of air-locks closest to the bridge. (This is marked as “Boardzone” on the picture of the whiteboard, above. The three blue squares indicate the air-locks. They attach to the ones on the far side of the ship, near Hibernity.)

Without any issue, they are able to dock their shuttle to the Olympus and enter.
The crew of the S.S Relentless enters through the airlock.

The electronics here are powered down. Onum Barr hooks up his quad-corder (personal computer) to power the vacuum barrier. Its battery gives them about an hour before the quad-corder dies and the barrier goes down. (The barrier is the squiggly orange line).


They proceed to plasma-torch a hole through the blast-door. It appears this airlock was for high-level officials, as it’s lobby is well decorated with nice chairs, a few paintings, and an elaborate rug. Unlike the airlock, this room seems to be under auxiliary power. They ignore the rooms and Dr. Kroolin focuses on the ship-interface device (the black circle before the door). He looks for ship logs, but finds they’ve all been deleted. Through the computer, he is able to open the blast-door befor them. Nearly as soon as they enter, automated guns pop out from the walls and ceiling and begin to attack them. (This is thanks to Mr. Auvic .)


Scuz Nasty shoots and destroys the center gun, while Dr. Kroolin runs back to the ship-interface device and attempts to take control of the sentries. He’s able to take control of them, and he makes them wave as a gesture that the party doesn’t need to worry about them anymore.

They barely make it another 7 meters before the walls before them reveal hidden compartments of guard-bots. From the floor, another guard bot is raised.

Auvic up to no good.

Glinko had been going on ahead, and he is able to attack one of the bots from behind. His sword slices into the thing’s neck and with a loud “POP!”, he pries its head off in a shower of sparks.


The rest of the party takes cover while Glinko and his near-invisibility take out the rest of the bots. Dr. Kroolin has the security guns take a few shots, but they’re mostly ineffective.

Scuz Nasty and his crew continue forth, trying to get to the bridge. Unfortunately, they reach another blast-door. This one refuses to budge. Scuz Nasty, using his armed forces experience, prepares an explosive charge to hopefully create a hold big enough for them to get through.


The charge is set, and they’re about to blow it, when another blast-door closes behind them and four more guard-bots appear from the walls!


The party defeats them without much issue, but now they have a decision: do they continue forward, or use their explosive charge to open up a way back to their shuttle. They only have about 20 minutes of battery-life left on the energy-barrier preventing them from being sucked into vacuum, so they decide to turn back and replace the quad-corder with something more substantial. Auvic has successfully delayed their trip to the bridge.

Next on the scene!

The OHKO-2020 carefully approaches the Olympus. She’s cloaked, but the nearby nebula seems to be giving them some issues. They attempt to remotely access the S.S. Relentless and the Hibernity.

She’s able to get a read on the Relentless, but there is little information Ky and Sunne find interesting. They put their focus on the Hibernity. The Hibernity’s systems are heavily protected, so while Sunne can’t access Auvic’s data, she is able to connect to the Olympus through the Hibernity.

Ky and Sunne learn that someone or something on the Olympus is preventing Auvic’s full control. The Olympus’s automated defenses are active, but most of her interior is oxygenated and powered. Ky and Sunne are preparing to board the Olympus when another ship appears on the scene. There is an energy surge, and the OHKO’s cloak drops for a second before Sunne can recalibrate.

Enter the Blood Shovel!

Captain Oberatt Negj and the crew of the Blood Shovel get a strange reading and drop out of “light-speed”. Before them lies the Olympus. For this group of pirates, she offers quite the prize. Initial scans show that there is a small shuttle attached to an airlock (Scuz and crew) and a cargo-ship off in the distance attempting to hide (the S.S. Relentless.) Their sensors pick up a quick reading of a nearby ship, and then it’s gone (the OHKO).

Captain Negj has engineer Nugs attempt to access the Relentless’s computers. This is little trouble for the talented Gublin technician, and the Blood Shovel is able to read the reports of Scuz Nasty’s ship. There is little additional information, but the Blood Shovel does become aware of the Hibernity.

The Blood Shovel prepares to investigate the Olympus.
I'm all out of gum.

Akx’va (the amnesiac space-witch) and Nelson (the large space-spider) are dropped off near the bridge. They utilize compact scan-dampeners to hide their presence.

They will enter through a hull-breach.

Captain Negj chooses his boarding party.
From left to right:
Front Nugs
Back Negj

Negj and crew will enter through one of the many landing bays in the center of the Olympus.

Axk’va and Nelson make their way to the bridge…

Nelson seals the breach with his web.
Nelson sets a trap to prevent an ambush from behind.
There is little of interest in this area. Large mess-halls and a few private lobbies. Axk’va finds a few trinkets of interest: namely some old cigarettes an officer’s cape.
Axk’va sees a ghostly visage of a woman run down this hallway and through the blast-doors. She and Nelson choose to avoid the door until they’re sure there isn’t a better way to the bridge.
The other passage ways are either damaged or exposed to vacuum, so Nelson hotwires the blast-door open. Inside is an elevator hub. Nelson pries the top off a lift and the two begin their ascent to the bridge.

Negj and crew land on the Olympus


They fly right up to the huge door and connect their boarding shuttle. Using plasma-torches, a hole is cut through the door large enough for them to enter. There is a computer terminal nearby, and Nugs jump on. He manages to make some trouble for the other people accessing the security system, and then makes a ship-wide announcement.

Auvic regains control of the security system and locks Nugs out. He activates the landing bay’s hangar doors, attempting to trap Negj and crew within. Fox, who was hanging back in the shuttle notices the doors beginning to close.

She yelps a warning to her comrades and makes a mad dash for the maintenance shuttle nearby. She hopes to wedge it in the door.

Nugs runs to the other side to attempt the same. The door slams down on the vessels. Nugs barely makes it in time, and has to jump out of his shuttle before its cracked open and he’s sucked into vacuum. They are successful, but the door is not open wide enough for their shuttle to leave. They appear to be temporarily trapped.

About this time, first mate Kuul is attaching the Blood Shovel’s tow cables to the Relentless.

With no easy way back, Negj and the boarding crew make their way to the security center of the Olympus. The hall that they take there is huge: it would seem shuttles used this hall like a road. Nugs, who saw the ship’s layout when he was digging in its systems, notes that halls like this run up and down the Olympus.

They arrive at the security center without any wasted time. Sitting in front of the door to security are 6 metal spheres with strange skull masks.

I had been having Mick’s crew make saves against Yang-Sothoth’s influence since they entered the Olympus. Yang-Sothoth is testing their minds: attempting to identify the strongest and weakest of the group.

Toeufe is the only pirate to pass all of his saves by a significant margin. Yang-Sothoth energizes the large bat-like biped, effectively giving the pirate a shot of other-worldly stimulants.

Negj falls under Yang’s influence, and hallucinates two twisting putrid monsters coming his way.

Fox, the medic, keeps a crew-status monitor up on her quad-corder. She notices Negj and Toeufu’s vital signs have changed, and that they appear to be under some affect. When Negj is made aware of this, he is able to shake off his hallucinations, and they disappear.

When they approach the security door, they are greeted by Auvic’s death-bots (the “skull” guys from above.)

“Our master, Auvic, bids you welcome to the Olympus. He is very pleased to make your acquaintance and has no intentions of interfering with your work. Please, come this way.”

Captain Negj scratches his head. “Uh, yeah, sure. You first. We’ll follow.”

Three of the robots compact their bodies into spheres and line up before the door.

Toeufe is feeling pretty battle-ready, however, and attacks one of the standing robots. “Yeah right.” The battle is on!


I modified this picture to try to illustrate what this large road within the starship may look like. Nugs has fallen under the influence of Yang-Sothoth and now hallucinates the monsters himself.


Fox runs down to join the crew in the fight.
One of the robot’s runs and attacks Fox from behind. Another robot breaks melee with Negj.

The robots are attacking everyone with four fully-automatic energy rifles set on stun. The crew of the Blood Shovel all wear personal shield generators, which soak up most of the hits. It won’t be long for their power to be drained by the constant assault, though…

(This fight was a test of what would happen with 6 robots firing 4 automatic weapons as their attack. If they didn’t move, they actually got to make this attack twice on their turn. That’s a lot of shots. If they had been shooting actual damaging rounds, Mick’s whole crew would probably have been annihilated here. Good think Auvic likes his slaves alive.)

Fox turns and shoots at the bot with her pistol. Negj rushes the enemy.
<img src=“//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/95610/assets/359311/SEC_FIGHT4.jpg?1408292571” class="asset-reference image-asset-reference “media-item-align-center” data-asset-id=“359311” alt=“SEC_FIGHT4.jpg” title=“SEC_FIGHT4.jpg”/>

Lurhay runs and attacks the bot shooting Toeufe.

The monsters catch up with Nugs.

Nugs says, “Fuck this,” and skewers the bot flanking his captain, taking it off-line in a shower of sparks.

Fox takes out a bot, herself. The robots roll-up and take off down the hallway. They plan to find a better position to attack from and ambush the party when they come back for their vessel. Toeufe throws one of the dead bots at the escaping ones, and manages to dent it, but the thing keeps rolling away.
At this point, Nugs can still see the monsters. No one else can. Nugs watches them as they begin to assault Lurhay. To everyone’s surprise, Lurhay appears to be under attack by some strange invisible foe! He attacks the things and they explode into pink bubbling goo. It clings to his armor and begins to work its way into his suit.

“Ah! Get it off! Get it off!”


The Shady Campaign

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