Blood Shovel

The Blood Shovel

An out-dated patrol craft, turned pirate ship.



The Crew:

Captain: Oberatt Negj
Species: Strat

First Mate: Oberatt Kuul
Species: Strat

Sensors: Toeufe Ee’o’eufe
Species: Sonar

Chief Engineer: Flash -nickname
Species: Gublin

Tactical: Fox -nickname
Species: Canizen

Navigation: Nelson
Species: A’rach

Communications: Arhar
Species: Human

Security: Mohh, Lurhay, and Kurlhee
Species: Gublins

Accountant: Zarneld “the Ledger”
Species: Himuhn

Security Chief: Mehrsohn
Species: Kopek

Chef: Frellzar
Species: Jek

Armorer: Squeezer -nickname
Species: Octopirn

Passenger: Akx’va
Species: Uknown

Blood Shovel

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