The Shady Campaign

Introduction Session

The Thing From Beyond Space and Time

Howdy, folks!

Quick note: This is my first attempt at utilizing Obsidian Portal as a campaign manager, so I’m still figuring stuff out. I scooped their “Ascendant” program, so all of the advanced options are unlocked for us. For example, we can use their forum feature, which is a paid service only. I’ll be learning to use this site as we play, so it may take a bit for us to figure out the best way to utilize everything. I am very open to suggestions!

Get on with it!

So, this first session, where Mick’s pirate crew and the rest of your characters will encounter the Olympus, is mostly ready. You’ve all given me great characters, so for the most part I’ve been able to figure out how this should play out aboard the ship. I’ll be posting a synopsis of the details after the weekend.


When the characters are brought to Earth, they will need to make a decision. For terms of clarity, I’ve given the two avatars of Yog-Sothoth “nicknames.”

Will you choose Yang-Sothoth?

The avatar of Yog-Sothoth who has melded with the captain of the Olympus. Yang-Sothoth beseeches those it deems possibly worthy to join with it and cleanse the Earth of the destructive force currently inhabiting it. It offers knowledge and stability, and to save you from the coming cataclysmic event, but warns that your life, as you know it, is forfeit. You will forever be linked to Yang-Sothoth and serve as its protector.

Or Ying-Sothoth?

The avatar of Ying-Sothoth has melded with a devious and genius alien race currently inhabiting Earth, referred to in Lovecraft’s works as “The Elder Things.” Unlike Yang-Sothoth, Ying-Sothoth is a network composed of multiple Sothoth avatars. Due to this, its potential power is multiplied. However, Ying-Sothoth and his alien hosts have been driven quite mad by delving into the dark corners of the universe. Azathoth whispers to these, and they beckon him forth from his slumber to end existence and create the cosmos anew, under their visage. Utilizing their advanced science of bio-engineering, they have crafted Earth’s ecology into a twisted alien landscape. Ying-Sothoth whispers to all who come to Earth. It offers unmatched power, immortality, godhood. It can sense your most hidden desires and promises them at no cost. Just let its twisted tendrils enter your mind and give in to your new god.

“Tough” decision.

Because we can’t play standard sessions very easily, and the majority of this game for you online-folks will be played through narrative sections and Q&A with me, I’m thinking it will probably be more enjoyable for you if you choose Ying-Sothoth and attempt to bring about the end-times. Essentially, you are the “big bad evil guys” (BBEG) of this setting.

However, the choice is yours. It’s not to say you can’t choose Yang-Sothoth and play a bad guy, you’ll just have to be a little more creative.


In order for you to join this campaign on this page, I need either an e-mail or an obsidian portal account from you. You can message me on facebook or e-mail me at

Please, please, please do this so we can get this page all set up.

Thanks, folks! Peace.



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